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Which shoe-lover category do you fit into?

12 Apr, 2016
What shoe-lover category do you fit into?

Which shoe-lover category do you fit into?

What shoe-lover category do you fit into?


  1. The Monogamist:

You are every pair of shoes’ dream. You buy only one pair at a time, spend time with it, get to know it. You know your shoes inside out, have learnt its Achilles heel, and whether it can handle the pressures of the grass lawn wedding you’re taking it to or not. These juttis are lucky to have you, really because for you, it’s not just a shoe, it’s a relationship.

Soul match: Bloom Broguesters -



  1. The Go-getter:

Just like with everything else in life, when it comes to shopping for juttis, you are decisive, confident and once you see the right pair, you know that you just have to have it, and you are not afraid to make the first move. The only hitch? It’s exactly the same when it comes to every gorgeous pair of juttis you set your eyes on, and while that might be okay with you, your debit card is screaming silent woes of protest.

Soul match: Gulabo -


  1. The Player/ The Heartbreaker:

Your shoes are vying for your attention, they want you to use them, just one more time, but you strongly believe in ‘Buy once, Wear once’ and you’d much sooner miss a social event than be an ‘Outfit/Shoe-Repeat Offender’. We understand you, but just be gentle with those poor soles.

Soul match: Parrots -


  1. The Hustler:

So you’re the woman who does it all—sweeps through a day of work, meets her friends for drinks after, takes her fabulous self on dates, and all of this and more, in a great pair of shoes. You take your shoes places, and they take you, in turn. We at FG believe that all shoes have a little bit of magic in them: So after a long day of work when you just want to go home, just click your feet together three times, Dorothy, and your mojris will carry you back home.  

Soul match: The Gypsy -


  1. The Prima Donna:

Honestly, we are rather jealous of you. You are the Carrie from SATC, Blair from Gossip Girl and your shoe-closet would put Runway’s collection to shame. You have it all- delightful pairs of shoes—juttis in all shapes, sizes and colours, broguesters, and heels of questionable heights.

If only the world could handle so much awesomeness.
Soul match: Mirror blush -

  1. The Stalker

It started out as a tiny crush, and now obsessed could be an understatement. You have your eyes set on the one pair of juttis you want, you’ve stalked it a number of times, fabricated outfits with it, and even daydreamed about them during boring meetings (we won’t tell).

We admire your perseverance. The only thing left to do now is to go get them!

Soul match: Forget me not jute -


  1. The Market-Analyst:

We can envision you, wearing your thick-rimmed glasses and serious expression, sitting in front of your laptop, keeping track of all the shoe trends in the shoe market—the runway, the fashion week, when prices go up (oh no), what prices fall down (yay). Shoe-shopping is after all a serious business, and shoe-loving, even more so.

Soul match: Star ikat Broguesters -


  1. The Sufferer:

Years and years of listening to how you need to wear heels, how they improve your posture and are great for your legs have done nothing to take away the fact that they are downright uncomfortable. Life, unfortunately, is no game and there are no extra points for silent sufferering, so don’t be a doormat in this abusive relationship and switch to juttis. Haven’t you heard—juttis are super comfortable, a sight for sore eyes and a delight for sore feet!

Soul match: Chuski -



As always, have a fabulous day.


Author - Bhavika Govil


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April 12, 2016

Simply fabulous juttis of fizzy G nd write up?

Kamini Saraf

April 13, 2016

Wowwww! What a fabulous describe of a ‘Juti’. Bhavikster u hv glamourised it, n made it seem irrestible. But Fizzy Goblet jutis surely deserve it too. They are by far the best. Luv u both, my rock stars. One who makes fabulous pieces of art, and the other who creates pieces of art wt words. Rock on girls.

Anita Agarwal

April 13, 2016

Makes you yearn to own one … Have a few but never enough… So comfortable
Bhavika- very well categorized, well written and your writing style compliments the product
All the Best


October 13, 2016

I am very much the monogamist when it comes to shoes! Out of interest what is the correct spelling of Jutti/Juti/Juthi I have seen many variants mentioned like on this site but nobody tells me which one is correct!


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