FG Passport: Our Favourite Watering Holes in Goa

Hello, there! Before we dive into the thick of things, let’s mutually acknowledge that Goa is the best vacation spot. The palm trees-shadowed lanes and beach vibes never get old. When in Goa, we balance things out by keeping one foot in the water and the one in our favourite bar. Here is a list of our favourite watering holes in the city.

May your wine glass always overfloweth and your feet take you good places. :)

Beer for Breakfast:

Grab a seat at Michele’s Garden Cafe on Anjuna Beach, which opens its pretty French doors at 8 in the morn’. Pick anything from the beers to Margarita Desmonji to have along with your French toast. You’re on vacation and we don’t judge.

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

Lunch-Time Mimosas:

Note this down : Pousada by the Beach. We’re not talking gibberish, but pointing you towards one of the most understated restaurants in Goa. This shack done right on Calangute Beach is home to delicious Goan food, friendly in-house woofers and incredible hosts. It shuts at seven, so get there for a lunch with drinks and stay on for the view.


Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

Do also make your way to The Lazy Goose at Nerul, and remember, there’s no such thing as too many pitchers of Sangria here. :)

Sunset Cocktails:

It goes without saying, but we still say: Thalassa on Anjuna Beach undoubtedly guarantees wonderful access to the sunset and some fabulous cocktails. If you want to tread an unfamiliar path, though, check out Calamari shack on Calangute beach.

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

(Another chill place with a good view is the Southern Deck bar.)

A Dinner Date:

Don your swishy skirt and take your date to Tierra Y Mar. South American food, tapas, a delicious Orange-Cinammon Martini (or a more local version of the Whiskey drink - Feni Sour). Clink!

Photo Source: FizzyGoblet

Night Out With the Girls:

If you’re one for dancing as fast as you’re guzzling, you’ve got to visit Tavern in Panaji on Saturday night, as well as Martins in Margao.

Would rather sit, drink beer not-so-quietly and maybe belt out an off-tune key? Habanero and The Big Tap are a couple of good microbreweries in town, if you get our draft. ;)

Photo Source: Habanero Goa

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May 29, 2018 — Bhavika Govil