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Bridal Footwear Collection – A Sparkling Collection

Dressing up is all the more fun if you are going to be a bride soon or bridesmaid and if you have sorted your outfit, you’ll need some exquisite wedding shoes to match your traditional wear. The bridal shoes can accentuate your look. If your ensemble is neutral then it can add a pop of brightness to your look and if your attire is vibrant, a bridal shoe can blend with your ensemble. If you are looking for gorgeous hues and sparkling embellishments in the wedding shoes for women, we have you sorted with our stunning Bridal Footwear Collection. Fizzy Goblet has an eclectic collection of wedding footwear for women that you’d want to add to your wardrobe.


What Makes Fizzy Goblet’s Bridal Collection So Special?

Whether you are looking for bridal juttis, bridal sandals or bridal heels, Fizzy Goblet’s bridal collection has it all. Meticulously done and handcrafted, our bridal footwear is designed to keep your feet comfortable and relaxed, as you celebrate and dance on different numbers. From earthy tones to bright reds to pastel splash, we have different hues and styles in the bridal collection. You can pair our designer wedding shoes with your lehengas, sarees, and other ethnic wear. It’s a one-of-a-kind collection and we don’t have footwear for the bride but also for her bride squad. Our wedding shoes for women are packed in gorgeously embossed and gold -foiled boxes. So, the experience of unboxing it is pretty unique and special. So, let’s find out what type of women’s footwear we have in our boxes.

Bridal Juttis

Double-cushioned and constructed from the premium leather, our bridal juttis are an adornment to the feet. Fizzy Gs juttis for women can enhance and level up your traditional look. Our juttis are intricately-done and boast trending designs that can make you look a class apart. From studs detailing, nalki embroidery to shimmering multi-colours, our bridal juttis feature a myriad of patterns that are eye-catching. You can flaunt wedding footwear with your sarees and lehengas, or traditional suits like sharara sets.

Bridal Heels

If you are looking for absolutely pretty bridal heels, we have comfy pairs for you. Accentuated by shimmery designs, intricate motifs, and accents such as mirror-work and pastel motifs, Fizzy Gs heels for women are totally comfy and you can wear them for long hours. These heels boast a height of 2.5 inches. You can pair the wedding sandals with your traditional wear such as sarees, lehengas, and many other outfits.

Bridal Sandals

If you want to go beyond bridal juttis and heels, you can opt for bridal sandals. These bridal sandals heels can make heads turn and are pretty eye-catching. Our wedding sandals for brides are absolutely lively and can pair up well with the fusion ensembles and more. The bridal sandals can also complement your sarees and lehengas among other traditional wear.


Types of Bridal Boxes For Women

Fizzy Goblet has 3 bridal boxes from their Bridal Shop. So, let’s talk about different bridal boxes that we have.

Bridesmaid Juttis Box

This box features a pack of 4,6, and 10. Enhanced by floral patterns on the boxes, this box comes with juttis and gift notes. So, you can keep the same juttis or choose from the options given in the Bridesmaid juttis box. Our bridal shoes are handcrafted and gorgeous.

The Bridal Box Set

Packed inside a gorgeous box that reads, Here Comes The Bride, the bridal box set comes with a monogrammed handcrafted wedding juttis that are hand-embroidered with the word, ‘Bride’ at the back. It also has a delicate shoe bag that reads, ‘Miss to Mrs’. This box comes with a matching gift card for a personalised note.

The Love Story Box

Our Bridal Shop also has a Love Story Box that’s packed in a beautiful love story book-like box with the words Love Story written on it. This box comes with a handcrafted wedding footwear of your choice, a delicate shoe bag in a shimmery gold fabric, and a matching gift card for a personalised note.


Gift These Boxes To Your Special Someone

These boxes can also make for a wonderful gift. You can make your bride squad feel special by gifting them bridal shoes in a beautiful box. Yes, definitely your 4 am-friends, cheerleaders, the problem solvers, fashion advisors, and the first ones to know when you finally say I DO deserve those exquisite golden wedding heels and silver wedding heels and juttis. So, go ahead and make your wedding journey extra special by celebrating your dearmost bridesmaids with these special Fizzy Goblet bridesmaids packs. Similarly, soon-to-be-brides can be gifted The Bridal Box Set and The Love Story Box can be given to someone close or the bride.


Buy The Bridal Boxes From The Bridal Shop Online

If you are looking for these exquisite boxes online, you can shop them from the Fizzy Goblet store and online too. Our bridal boxes contain a pair for different occasions such as Haldi, Mehendi, Wedding, and all other celebrations. These boxes are packed in gorgeous yet sturdy boxes. So, hurry and buy wedding shoes for women.


Reasons Why You Should Buy The Bridal Footwear

If you are about to tie the knot or planning on gifting a soon-to-be bride or the bridesmaids, the Bridal box or the Love Story Box then there are many reasons why you should shop these gorgeous packs online: 

1. The Comfiest Wedding Shoes For Women

We understand that the bridal shoes have to be sported for long hours and so comfort is the priority. So, we have pairs that are double-cushioned, so that you are stress-free. These are the shoes made for dancing. 

2. Fizzy Goblet’s  Wedding Shoes Are Gorgeous 

Handcrafted beautifully with intricate detailing, the bridal shoes from Fizzy Goblet can get you oodles of compliments. These shoes are delicately handcrafted and highlighted by the finest of fabrics. 

3. Beautiful Packaging 

Fizzy G's wedding footwear is packed beautifully in gorgeous boxes, which makes the unboxing experience even more special. Adding to that, a personalised note is a thoughtful addition. 

4. These Boxes Capture Different Stories

Whether you want to gift something memorable  to a soon-to-be bride or the bride wants her bride squad to feel special or you want to make some occasions like Valentine’s Day special, there is something for everyone in the Fizzy Goblet’s Bridal Shop. So, go ahead and shop wedding sandals and heels for the bride. 



What is the best footwear for lehenga?

The best footwear for lehenga are bridal shoes such as juttis, kolhas, and heels.

Can a bride wear heels?

Yes, brides can wear heels with their traditional outfits such as sarees and lehengas.

What type of shoes should be worn in wedding?

The shoes that are comfy, gorgeous, and feature vibrant colours are the ones that should be worn in weddings. 

What do you wear on your feet for a wedding?

You should wear Fizzy Goblet’s wedding sandals for a bride for a wedding as these shoes are comfy and stunning. 

Can I wear sandals to a wedding?

Yes, sandals make for an excellent choice at a wedding. If you are looking for wedding sandals, you should check out Fizzy Goblet’s exquisite collection. 

Can I wear flats to a wedding?

Yes, flats such as juttis can be worn to a wedding. 

 Can I wear flats with a dress to a wedding?

Yes, flats can be paired with dresses to a wedding. 

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