The origins of Kolhapuri Chappals dates back to the 13th century and it’s named after the village where it was made. These are braided leather slippers with a T-strap and are considered ideal for summers. While Kolha flats are basically tan-hued but at Fizzy Goblet, we have given a unique spin to the ethnic footwear. Keeping the silhouette in tune with the traditional sensibility, Fizzy Kolha flats are about eye-catching designs. Named after famous drinks, Fizzy G’s Kolhapuri slippers for ladies feature a splash of hues with flexible sole and double-cushioning. So, apart from being gorgeous, our designer Kolhapuri flats are totally comfortable too.

Speaking about the designs of Fancy chappals , Designer chappals and Kolhapuri chappals for ladies by Fizzy Goblet, they reflect different moodboards. For instance, we have Kolha flats that are inspired by floral and nature accents, sparkling embellishments, astrology, and celestial bodies. Some of our Designer and Fancy chappals are also made in collaboration with couturiers, Payal Singhal and Rahul Mishra.  With a number of themes, our Kolhas make for fascinating wear with most of the outfits. Fizzy Goblet’s Designer Chappals can be paired both with ethnic and western wear and on a number of occasions, right from brunch outings to festivities and wedding nights. So, let’s talk about how Designer Chappals and Kolha flats can be styled.

Designer Chappals With Ethnic Suits

Be it a flared palazzo set, churidar suit, and simple ethnic suit, Designer ladies chappals can absolutely complement your ethnic suit but make sure you pair your suit with intricately-done Fancy chappals like Mai Tai and Cosmopolitan from Fizzy Goblet, as these styles of ladies fancy chappal will go well with the traditional suits.

Fancy Chappals With Denims

If you want to add a pop of brightness to your denim look, you should choose Fizzy G fancy chappals, which are also about contemporary designs. A pair of Fancy kolhapuri chappals Like Long Island, Campa, and Sundowner can go the best with your denim jeans.

Designer Kolha Flats With Long Kaftan Dresses

If you are planning on wearing a kaftan dress, you can slip into Kolha flats. Depending on the patterns on your kolha, you can choose Kolhapuri chappals. For example, if it is a festive kaftan, you can choose the Zodiac Kolha flats (particularly if you are a Zodiac enthusiast) or Silver Ale but you can team the casual kaftans with a pair like Macchiato Shot and Sugar Bomb.

Kolha Flats With Short Dresses

Kolha flats can also elevate your short dress look and make you stand out from the crowd. Generally, kolhas make for a usual choice with a short dress but you can show them all your evolved style game by pairing your dress with a pair of Kolhapuri slippers. Kolha flats like Bali Bellini, Tutti Fruity, Sangria, and Berry Kiss, would look awesome with your dresses.

Kolhapuri Juttis – Buy Kolhapuri Mojari Shoes

Fizzy Goblet presents a vast collection of Kolhapuri Juttis in many colors, varieties, and designs for the modern Indian woman. By taking the classic Kolhapuri flats and giving it a more versatile look, we aim to make these stylish and trendy flat Kolhapuri Chappals accessible to women everywhere. Whether you’re a minimalist or someone who leans towards a more quirky fashion sense, these Kolhapuri Juttis will cater to all kinds of styles, trends and fashion senses. 

Traditional Chappals – Women Ethnic Footwear by Fizzy Goblet

For all you Kolha lovers, you can now pair these traditional chappals with any outfit that you desire. Western or Indian, be assured that these Kolhapuri flats will get noticed at any event and amp up any look to make it extraordinary. So, for all those looking to buy versatile footwear that goes with almost any outfit then Fizzy Goblet’s range of Kolhapuri chappals is definitely for you!


What is special about Kolhapuri chappals?

Kolhapuri chappals are hand-crafted and braided and historically hold a lot of significance in the Indian craft heritage.

Which Kolhapuri chappal is the best?

Flexible sole, double-cushioning, and a wide range of design patterns make Fizzy Goblet’s Kolha flats stand out from the rest.

When should we wear Kolhapuri Chappal?

Kolha flats are generally worn in the summer season. You can sport these flats from everyday occasions to festive and wedding occasions.

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