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Originally considered as bedroom footwear, the origins of women mules can be traced back to the times of Ancient Rome. These shoes weren’t worn in the public between the 16th to 19th century but with time, the designing of the mules evolved too and gradually, this style of footwear became as fashionable as a pair of stilettos. Today, mules footwear are not limited to bedrooms but are also sported to weddings, glamorous parties, and casual events. In fact, actresses such as Marilyn Monroe, Joan Fontaine wore mule shoes in movies and in their day-to-day lives. Carrie Bradshaw from the famous show, Sex and the City, wore mules sandals frequently.

While having a pointed toe is the characteristic feature of the women mule, the mules footwear for women may or may not have an open back. At Fizzy Goblet, we have a wide range of mule shoes for women, in terms of silhouette and design. Talking about designs, our mules are inspired by nature, traditional patterns, knotted, and woven styles. When it comes to silhouette, we have flat mules, flat mules with an open back, slingback mules, and mule heels. Mules are a versatile wear and can be styled with different types of outfits, right from western to casual traditional.  So, let’s talk about how mules can be styled in different ways.

1) Style With High-Rise Denims

Mules go well with your denim jeans but they can look more striking with a pair of high-rise denims. So, when teaming with denims, you can either opt for mule heels or flat mules with an open back.

2) Style With Flowy Dresses

If you are looking for something interesting to pair with your flowy floral dresses, you can opt for mules sandals. With a flowy dress, you can choose a slingback woven mule footwear. Depending on your dress, you can even coordinate your outfit with a pair of patterned mules. 

3) Style With Structured Dresses

Well, mules can also be styled with your structured dresses. A pair of mule heels can really accentuate your smart and structured dress look. For example, black or hot-pink mules can level up your little black dress look.

 4) Style With A Top And Midi Skirt

Irrespective of the silhouette of the mule, you can team it with a combination of a crop top and a structured midi skirt. For a casual look, you can also pair up trendy mules with a denim midi skirt and white crop top.

 5) Style With Shorts and Tapered Jumpsuits

Women mules can make you look smart and distinctive. So, if you are planning on wearing some cool shorts, you can team it up with mules. This combination can add an extra edge to your personality. Similarly, mules will give you that casual chic vibe with a tapered jumpsuit.

 6) Style With A Blazer Set

You can also style mules with a structured blazer, crop top, and high-rise trousers or pants, for a professional look in the winters.

 7) Style With A Palazzo Suit

Flat Women Mules generally tend to complement western outfit but you can also wear it with your casual traditional outfit. So, if you are thinking of styling mules with an ethnic outfit, you can do so with a palazzo suit set.



 What are mule shoes good for?

Comfortable and stylish, mule shoes can be worn for longish hours. These shoes are particularly good, if you have pain in the back of your heel, as these shoes generally have an open back. As discussed, mules can also be styled with a variety of outfits.


  What are the things to keep in mind while buying mule shoes for women?

 Here are a few points that should be considered before buying mule shoes for women:

      a)     The Perfect Fit

       Unlike footwear like sneakers, where you have room to adjust your feet because of  the laces, in mules you require the perfect fit. If you are shopping mules online, we have a size guide, so that you can find your perfect fit.

     b)     Consider The Temperature

      The temperature can be a crucial factor in determining the style of mule that you would want to buy. If it’s humid outdoors, you should consider criss-crossing over mules because mules have a closed front and can make your feet sweaty. However, if the weather is breezy in summers or in the winter season, you can definitely buy mules.


 Where can I buy mule flats for women?

Mule flats can be bought from a women's footwear brand and online stores such as from Fizzy Goblet.


 Why are women’s shoes called mules?

 Mule is a French word that means slippers and it is derived from the Latin word, Mulleus, a ceremonial shoe worn in Ancient Rome.


Top Mules for Women

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₹ 4,290

Hope : Mules

₹ 4,490

Freedom : Mules

₹ 4,490

Silver Storm : Mules

₹ 4,400

Game of Cones : Mules

₹ 3,890

Berry Sundae : Mules

₹ 2,990

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