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Our Goblet In A Gulp

So what does Fizzy Goblet mean? We won't 
let you ponder any further - Fizzy Goblet 
are two happiness inducing words that 
were laced together by Laksheeta Govil at 
24, when she kickstarted this footwear 
brand as a designer & young entrepreneur 
in New Delhi, India. 
Over the years she's worked to add a new-
found sense of fun and a modern twist to 
the traditional juttis, making them just 
what you need to make your everyday 
adventures, extra-ordinary. 

Our Thoughts

As a brand we believe in drawing from our 
roots, supporting our artisans & 
creating something that is  contemporary,
unique and oh, so comfortable!

Our Escapades

Always on the lookout for something new, 
we've found a method to our madness 
with traveling. 
Here we are sharing how much  we love 
wearing Fizzy Gs around the  world, as 
much as we love designing  them.

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Star Gazing

We're glad to see Fizzy Gs become closet 
favourites for celebrities as well. 
From airport looks to movie  promotions -
See how your favourite celebrity  styled a
pair (or two) of Fizzy Goblet juttis!

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