Fizzy Goblet X Tribe by Amrapali

Inspired by Tribe’s precious charm bracelets, our charm juttis feature vibrant motifs that act as talismans and bring you good luck—wherever you go. From rich jewel tones to muted pastels, the colour palette comes interspersed with accents of gold and metallic for a hint of glimmer.

With this collaboration, we wanted to break the barriers that limit accessorising to just special occasions. Charm juttis are a way of adding a dash of excitement to your everyday life.
Tarang Arora, co-founder, Tribe by Amrapali.

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Fizzy Goblet x Tribe By Amrapali

Who doesn’t want their feet to be adorned? Well, almost everyone we believe. And what if you get shoes that can add a sparkling touch to your style. Well, we have you sorted there with our Fizzy Goblet x Tribe By Amrapali shoes. These are the statement collaborative shoes collection with Tribe Amrapali that you can flaunt at special occasions or even on a regular day these pairs can level up your style game. These embroidered shoes with in-built charm can go well with most of your traditional outfits but it is not to think that it can’t complement your western ensembles. So, let’s talk more about these pairs in terms of style, technique, and hues.

What Fizzy Goblet X Tribe By Amrapali Shoes Are About?

Like Payal Singhal and Rahul Mishra collaborations, Fizzy Goblet X Tribe By Amrapali shoes are a coming together of two sensibilities. Inspired by Tribe’s precious charm bracelets, vibrant motifs, sparkling jewel tones, and pastel to rich palette, these shoes can make you look radiant effortlessly. These lucky charm shoes collection from Fizzy Goblet x Tribe By Amrapali deserve a special place in your closet, as they can not only make you look a class apart but also earn you compliments. This collaboration has three pairs and we will talk about each pair and how you can style these pairs.

1.Nazar Juttis Tribe X Fizzy Goblet (Limited Edition)

Adorned with special charms, metallic accents, evil eye charm, and other intricate hand-embroidery on a black base, these juttis (nazar fizzy goblet x-tribe) are perfect with your traditional wear. You can team it up with your ethnic suits and other elaborate outfits on festive and wedding occasions. You can ideally pair these up with your black outfits and for contrast, you can even team it with ivory and cream numbers. These juttis come with one set of charms that are in-built. The default charms are Hamsa and Evil Eye Charm Set.


2. Ayana Juttis Tribe X Fizzy Goblet (Limited Edition)

With hand-embroidered and eye-catching charm accents, these juttis can make you look amazing in no time. These juttis (ayana fizzy goblet x-tribe) would also go mostly well with your ethnic ensembles and can give your style a unique touch. You can typically pair up these juttis with your cream and pastel outfits in the shades of powder pink and blue. These juttis come with one set of charms that are in-built. The default charms are Yin Yang and Clove Charm Set. These juttis can be sported on special events and other grand occasions.


3.  Mai Tai Kolha Flats Tribe X Fizzy Goblet

The Mai Tai Kolha Flats from the collaboration feature a jute base, colourful beads, and vibrant threadwork. These kolhas are certainly eye-catching with the Evil Eye charm and tan-hued base. These kolhas can be sported with both traditional and western outfits. They can also give your look a boho touch, if paired with fusion outfits. These kolhas are double-cushioned and feature flexible Italian soles.

What Makes These Shoes So Unique?

These shoes are unique because of the following reasons:

1. These Shoes Are Adorned With Intricate Charms

Sparkling and dazzling, these shoes are adorned with intricate charms like Yin Yang and Evil Eye, which makes them interesting and distinctive.


2. These Shoes Are Double-Cushioned

With double-cushioning, these shoes are not only stylish but also offer comfort. So, you can wear them for long hours.


Shop Fizzy Goblet x Tribe By Amrapali Online

You can shop Fizzy Goblet x Tribe By Amrapali shoes online from your nearest Fizzy Goblet store. This collaborative collection can also make for a unique and thoughtful gift to your close ones.



What does the Luck Charm shoe collection mean?

The Luck Charm shoe collection is a collaborative shoes collection between Tribe By Amrapali and Fizzy Goblet.


What is the symbolic significance of the charms featured on the Luck Charm shoes?

Well, each charm has its own significance. For instance, the evil eye charm is used to ward off the evil and this charm provides a protection against bad luck. The Yin Yang charm, on the other hand, symbolises a balance of life.


Are the options available for personalised customisation of embroidered juttis with in-built charms?

Yes, the options are available for personalised customisation of embroidered juttis. The Nazar juttis can be customised with Hamsa and Evil Eye Charm set and for Ayana juttis, you can detail it with Yin Yang and Clove.


What is the significance of evil eye charm in juttis?

The evil eye charm is used as a protection from evil and bad spirits.