Diwali is just a few weeks ahead and it’s time for fun festive Diwali shopping, right! Aren’t you all looking for something unique to flaunt? And here we are recommending a one-of-a-kind idea. You got the hint: Shop a Handcrafted Zodiac Sign Women Necklace from Fizzy Goblet.
Festivities are all about looking and feeling fabulous and our zodiac sign necklaces, studded with precious stones, would certainly make you stand out. Style your choice of women's necklace with your stunning ethnic outfit and a pair of Fizzy Goblet shoes, and you’ll leave them all awestruck. Also, our brass zodiac women necklace will let your personality shine and make for an awesome gift. So, for men out there, if you are looking for a Diwali gift for your mom, sister, girlfriend, zodiac jewellery from Fizzy Goblet is what will make them happy (not stressful, at all).
Whether you are thinking to buy the jewellery for Diwali shopping or Diwali gifts for yourself or planning on gifting it, know more about our 12 Zodiac Women Necklaces that come with chains

Zodiac Women Necklace – Aries


Well-known for their enthusiasm and adventurous spirit, Aries sign is the first one in the zodiac. They are passionate people, independent (loners sometimes), always up for experiments, and so with their child-like spirit they need a brush of blessing, every now and then, which is where they should buy Fizzy G's women necklace for Aries that is detailed with white zirconia for luck.

Zodiac Women Necklace – Taurus


If there’s a sign that’s famous for its patience, kindness, and being self-assured, it’s Taurus. But once they lose their temper or you rub them the wrong way, well then, you’ve had it. However, this second sign of the zodiac is the strongest and can battle any storms – a trait highlighted by our zodiac sign necklace. Yes, our women necklace for Taurus is studded with orange citrine zirconia for strength.

Zodiac Women Necklace – Gemini


So, one moment, you’ll find them sitting at a corner reading a book and a few minutes later, they'll be chatting up with you on the latest fashion trends. Gemini people are creative, intelligent, and witty but also highly moody. They are the life-of-the-party and can brighten up any event with their presence, which is where our women necklace for Geminis, features yellow sapphire zirconia for light.

Zodiac Women Necklace – Cancer


Cancer people are tough actually, resilient. They are known to be the most caring zodiac sign and because they are very perceptive to their surroundings and empaths, they are often perceived as being too sensitive. You can feel comfortable around them and our zodiac necklace captures the essence of their sign. Our Zodiac Sign Women Necklace for Cancer is crafted with ruby zirconia for comfort.

Zodiac Women Necklace – Leo


Determined, charismatic, and generous, Leo zodiac sign is the fifth sign of the zodiac. They are born leaders, are ambitious, but can be stubborn sometimes with their plans. However, they are great conversationalists and they love the spotlight and so, with peridot zirconia, our zodiac women necklace for the Leos symbolises fame.

Zodiac Women Necklace – Virgo


Virgos love to keep things organised and they are so meticulous, critical too but they just want to help you, right. They are observant, logical, and faithful, which also makes them honest. So, our zodiac sign women necklace for Virgo is detailed with emerald zirconia for candour.

Zodiac Women Necklace – Libra


Ask a Libra person whether you should opt for Pixie Dust juttis or Ice Spice pair for Diwali celebrations and they’ll take forever to give their opinion. But if they are indecisive, they are also sociable, charming, and have a strong sense of justice. They are friendly and lovable, and detailed with ruby rose zirconia, our zodiac women pendant for Libra symbolises love.

Zodiac Women Necklace – Scorpio


Highly intelligent, disciplined, and peaceful mostly (till you don’t make them angry), Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. Scorpio people have a lot of depth, are wise, and often mysterious, which is where people are generally drawn to Scorpions. Our Zodiac Women Necklace for Scorpio is detailed with paraiba tourmaline zirconia for peace.

Zodiac Women Necklace – Sagittarius


Bright and breezy, Sagittarius are full of life and like to make their own rules. They have zero filters and so, if you want their view on your styling, make sure you are thick-skinned. Spontaneous and strong-willed, our zodiac women necklace for Sagittarians is studded with white zirconia for power.

Zodiac Women Necklace – Capricorn


Visionary and relentless in their pursuit for achievement, Capricorns are hardworkers and can give you tough love. They are often seen as cold people but they are generally grounded, practical, and caring. Featuring orange ruby zirconia, our zodiac women necklace for Capricorns signifies persistence – a quality that distinguishes them from others.

Zodiac Women Necklace – Aquarius


Aquarians are dreamers and thinkers, progressive and rebellious, and they hate small talk. This zodiac sign is always looking for new adventures, and sometimes are so consumed by their work or a new project that they can seem disinterested (but they are not). Capturing the essence of the sign, the women pendant necklace for Aquarius is detailed with blue sapphire zirconia for a fresh journey.

Zodiac Women Necklace – Pisces


Pisceans are perfectionists. They oscillate between fantasy and reality, are emotional, kind, creative, and are often drawn towards spirituality. With kunzite zirconia, our Zodiac Women Necklace for Pisces, symbolises strength.
October 14, 2022 — Devika Tripathi