Hey there, Navratris are just around the corner, which means it’s time to dress up fashionably in your ethnic best and prep-up for garba nights. While you must be sorted with the navratri dress, you would certainly need juttis that can help accentuate your look? After all, footwear can make or break your look but don’t you worry, as we have some gorgeous punjabi juttis lined up for you that are designed exquisitely and you can wear to garba functions. These punjabi juttis are not only intricately-detailed but also double-cushioned, so that you can dance comfortably, without the fear of tripping over. Moreover, your Navratri dress look is pretty much incomplete without juttis. So, based on hues, we have curated vibrant pairs for the 9 days of Navratri.

White Punjabi Juttis For Day One

Shop now: Nice as Ice

Symbolising peace and positivity, white hue is what you should wear on day one of the Navratri 2022. And we have stunning white-hued Nice as Ice juttis just for you, which are highlighted by beaded work, mirror, and intricate motifs. This pair can blend beautifully with powdery and pastel Navratri outfits. So, go ahead, and bookmark these juttis now.

Red Juttis For Day Two 


Shop now: Ruby Rouge

Red colour represents strength and power and you should totally flaunt this colour for garba night on day two. Whether you are opting for an all-red look or planning on wearing a light beige or cream garba dress, you should choose our Ruby Rouge juttis. Splashed in red hue, these juttis are enhanced by meticulously-done embroidery. These juttis will certainly add a festive touch to your look.


 Royal-Blue Juttis For Day Three

Shop now:  Bageecha

Signifying prosperity, you should wear royal-blue hue on the third day and if you want to look outstanding, you should definitely opt for the Bageecha juttis. Designed in collaboration with couturier, Rahul Mishra, these royal-blue juttis are thoroughly-detailed with peacock and lush garden motifs. Whatever your traditional Navratri outfit be, these regal juttis will get you a lot of compliments.


 Yellow Designer Juttis For Day Four

Shop now: Happy Go Lucky

Associated with brightness and radiance, you should flaunt yellow colour on day four of Navratri 2022. Yellow is such a happy colour and our Happy Go Lucky juttis will totally make for a vibrant footwear with your garba dress. With dabka work on the yellow base, these juttis are absolutely comfy and contrasted by pink too.

Green Ethnic Juttis For Day Five

Shop now: Titli’s Flight

Green colour represents growth and fresh beginnings and you should wear this colour on day five of the Navratri 2022. So, opt for Titli’s Flight juttis, which will instantly elevate your look and can complement almost any outfit of yours. Accentuated by butterfly motifs, these juttis are super comfy – perfect for dancing.

 Grey Designer Ethnic Juttis For Day Six


Shop now: Pixie Dust

Symbolising destruction of evil, grey is among the most significant hues that should be worn during Navratri 2022. You can wear our Pixie Dust on the sixth day of Navratri 2022. Detailed with sparkling embellishments, you can team this pair with your elaborate Garba outfit.

Peacock-Green Handcrafted Juttis For Day Seven

Shop now: Summer Carnival

Associated with spirituality and individuality, peacock-green can be sported on the seventh day of Navratri 2022. You can sport our Summer Carnival juttis for the garba night. Adorned with cutdana floral accents, these juttis are fun and festive and can easily level up your garba look.

 Purple Juttis For Day Eight

Shop now: Purple Frosting

Purple colour signifies intelligence and on the eighth day you can pair a purple-hued juttis with your garba dress. You can choose our Purple Frosting juttis that are accentuated by intricate embroidery and can go well with your vibrant outfits.

Pink Ethnic Juttis for Day Nine

Shop now: Genda Phool

Pink colour symbolises love and kindness and this is the colour we know you all have been waiting to flaunt. And when it comes to pink hue, you can wear our Genda Phool juttis on day nine. Highlighted by eye-catching motifs on a pink velvet base, these juttis can be paired with a pink outfit for an all-pink look. However, you can also wear this juttis with your cream or yellow-hued navratri dress.
September 16, 2022 — Devika Tripathi