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Block Heels For Women – Comfy And Casual Heels

There are a number of heels for women but none can match the comfort quotient of a block heel. It’s easier to walk in block heels; the chances of tripping over are a lot less in these heels. Well, block heels for women are designed in such a way that they have thick width. These heels cover a considerable portion of the ankle area of the shoe and as a result, the block heel sandals provide more support and balance, as compared to the pointed heels. These heels are basically fuss-free and can be worn to a number of events. Adding to that, many women who are uncomfortable with heels, find block heels the best choice. The block heels for women can be worn for long events and this style of heels can be paired up with a lot of outfits. Since, these heels provide more stability and comfort, you should totally check out Fizzlet’s block heels, as those heels are not only comfy but also gorgeous. So, let’s talk about Fizzlet’s Block Heels for women.

What Makes Fizzlet Block Heels So Special?

One look at the block heels from Fizzlet and you’ll know that these heels are backed by comfort. Fizzlet block heels might boast 3 inches of heel height but these heels are super comfortable and you can walk in them without any fear. The block heels sandals from Fizzlet are perfect for casual occasions and make for a perfect everyday wear. Also, these square-toe heels can be worn to semi-formal events. Be it traditional or western, you can team up Fizzlet’s block heels with most of your outfits but because of the structure of these heels, you shouldn’t wear them with your straight-fit trousers. However, these block heels for women can be worn with dresses (particularly the flared ones), wide-leg pants, palazzo sets, and sarees as well. So, these heels make for an ideal choice for most of your outfits. With scrunchie like straps, these heels are double-cushioned for the extra comfort and made from high-quality leather, the Fizzlet block heel sandals are also sturdy. Named after a popular dance move Flamenco, these heels are available in three classic hues. Find out more about our three styles of block heels.

  1. Flamenco Block Heels Black

    With a nature-inspired printed fabric base, these black block heels are about comfort and style in one go. These block heels for women can be sported at semi-casual events – you can actually wear them from desk to dates. You can team up these black block heel sandals with a black flared dress or a black wide-leg trousers set. You can also pair it up with denims, folded from the hemline.

  2. Flamenco Block Heels Brown

    With chocolate-brown as the base hue, these brown block heels are also closet-worthy, just like the black block heels from Fizzlet. These block heels for women can be worn to your workplace and for casual occasions too such as shopping, café outings, and more. You can team up this brown-hued pair with your beige outfits and brown also tends to go well with soft hues such as cream, lemon-yellow, powder-pink, etc. However, you can also team up the brown block heel sandals from Fizzlet with blue-hued ensemble for colour-block.

  3. Flamenco Block Heels Ombre Blue

    With two tones of blue, these blue block heels for women are unique and so eye-catching. These block heel sandals can be worn while travelling and at casual events, such as movie outings with friends and more. You can certainly team it up with blue-toned outfits but these heels can also go well with hues such as pink, yellow, black and ivory.

 Shop Fizzlet Block Heels Online

If you like the idea of wearing high heels that are comfortable and gorgeous, you should definitely opt for Fizzlet’s block heels for women. These heels are available on Fizzlet’s Block Heel page. If you are thinking of gifting a pair of heels to your friend, these are the heels that you should pick.

Summing Up: Why You Should Buy Block Heels From Fizzlet?

If you want a quick recap on why you should buy Fizzlet’s block heel sandals, here are the top reasons for the same.

  1. These Heels Are Comfy To Walk In

    These block heels are comfy to walk in, as compared to the pointed heels. You can wear them for long hours and with double-cushioning, they provide support to the sole.

  2. These Heels Feature Square-Toe

    With a square-toe silhouette, these block heels for women give more space for toes, which adds to the comfort level.

  3. These Heels Are Available In Classic Hues

    These block heel sandals are highlighted by three classic hues – black, brown, and ombre blue, which makes them a perfect choice for a number of outfits in your wardrobe.


  1. Are block heels better for your feet than other heels?

    Yes, block heels are better for your feet as compared to the other heels. The main reason is that these heels have a wider surface, which adds to the comfort. These heels also provide more support to the heel area and with block heels, you can even opt for high heels. Fizzlet block heels with double-cushioning are comfier than other block heels.

  2. Is it easier to walk in block heels?

    Yes, these heels have a thick width, which makes them perfect wear for long events. It is definitely easier to walk in block heels.

Top Block Heels for Women - Fizzlet

Product Name Price

Santorini : Criss-Cross Block Heels

₹ 3,590

Flamenco : Block Heels - Black

₹ 2,690

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