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Strap Heels For Women – Fun And Casual Heels

If you want a pair of heels that can provide balance and comfort then you should definitely opt for strap heels. This style of heel comes with one or more straps, which prevents your foot from coming out of the shoe. As a result, these heels for women are highly-demanded and even by those, who are slightly reluctant about wearing heels. Your chances of tripping over are a lot less in strap heels and consequently, you can wear these heels for longer time and for events too. Depending on the detailing done, strap heels for women can be sported at many places such as your office, parties, and festive occasions. However, at Fizzlet, the strap heels are designed to be easy and effortless but also lively, so that you can flaunt them at fun parties with friends and for festive events. Let’s talk more about the strap heels from Fizzlet.


What Makes Fizzlet’s Strap Heels So Special?

Fizzlet strap heels for women are absolutely unique and designed meticulously. They can cheer up anyone in an instant and are like an adornment to the feet. These heels are crafted from high-quality leather and are double-cushioned, so that you stay comfortable as you enjoy the occasion. The strap heels from Fizzlet can get you a lot of compliments and can add a pop of brightness to even the most neutral of outfits. The Fizzlet strap heels are beaded and with a heel height of just 1.5 inches, these heels are perfect for even those, who don’t sport heels often. The heel constitutes a block with a sharp curved edge. However, the highlight of the strap heels from Fizzlet, lies in a multitude of beaded straps. Here’s more about the styles of Fizzlet strap heels.

1.Samba Strap Heels Black

These black strap heels have embellished beaded detailing in floral and other patterns, which enhances this pair. It is a quirky pair that you can team up with your dresses and denims, and what you can totally wear for party nights with friends and for music and cultural festivals. This pair can even spice up your neutral-toned outfit and it’s double-cushioned for comfort.

2.Samba Strap Heels Silver

 These silver strap heels are absolutely sparkling with silver hue as the base and like the black-toned pair, these heels also have embellished bead motifs in different hues. With double-cushioning for comfort, you can team up this pair with denims and other casual wear. You can also coordinate this pair with dark-toned outfits to create a contrasting effect. This pair is also ideal for party occasions and other fun events.


A Note On The Size Of Fizzlet’s Strap Heels

It’s important to know the size of the shoe before you are buying a pair. We recommend you to check the size guide before purchasing a pair but when buying strap heels from Fizzlet, here’s something extra, you should pay attention to. So, Samba Strap Heels have a snug fit, which means you should go for one size bigger than the usual footwear. For example, if you generally take a size 37, opt for size 38.


Shop Fizzlet’s Strap Heels Online

You can shop these pairs online on Fizzlet’s page. They are available in the strap heels category. These shoes would also make for an ideal gift. So, go ahead and gift this pair to your friend on her birthday and other special occasions.


Summing Up: Why You Should Buy Strap Heels From Fizzlet

Strap heels from Fizzlet are made from premium leather and here’s why you should buy these strap heels for women:

1.These Heels Are Unique

 With pops of vibrant embellishments and multiple straps, these handcrafted heels are absolutely unique and gorgeous.

2.Ideal For Casual Events

These strap heels are absolutely ideal for casual events like music festivals and evening parties and they can level up your outfit in an instant.

3.The Heel Height Is Comfortable

With 1.5 inches of heel height, these heels are comfortable and even perfect for those, who are reluctant to wear heels.



1. Are strap heels in style?

Yes, strap heels are very much in style and if you are looking for the trendiest strap heels, you should take a look at the strap heels from Fizzlet.

2. Are strap heels comfortable?

Yes, strap heels for women are comfortable. You can find the comfiest strap heels at Fizzlet.

3. How to make ankle strap heels comfortable?

Fizzlet strap heels are absolutely comfortable with double-cushioning.

Top Strap Heels for Women - Fizzlet

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Samba : Strap Heels - Black

₹ 3,490

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