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Fizzlet Sandals For Women – The Everyday Colourful Pairs

A woman’s wardrobe is pretty much incomplete without a pair of sandals in it. Well, women's sandals are among the most demanded footwear – the casual flat sandals are what can get you through the day (stylishly). From desk to dinner, sandals are one footwear that you can bank on. But here’s a thing about sandals – we always need more pairs. So, for the new season, we have some sandal suggestions from Fizzlet. These handcrafted sandals are not only pretty but also feature a splash of summery hues, interesting patterns, and intricate techniques. But most of all, these casual sandals are super comfy and a perfect fit for an everyday closet. Be it for shopping, travel, dates, Fizzlet sandals can be sported to day-to-day events and light occasions.


What Makes Fizzlet Sandals Stand Out?

Fizzlet sandals can make you instantly stand out and level up your daily outfit, particularly if you want to add a touch of style to your look. These casual sandals for women are not only detailed with eye-catching designs and silhouettes but are also highly comfy with double-cushioning. Crafted from high-quality leather, the Fizzlet flat sandals can be worn with a number of casual outfits in a wardrobe. You can wear these flats to a number of occasions and so, let’s discuss in detail about these sandals.

1. Rumba Mix Sandals

Named after a popular dance form, the highlight of these sandals are the multiple straps (including a slingback). Some of these sandals feature leather straps, some braided, and others printed straps. These casual sandals for ladies are vibrant and colourful with buckle-detailing. Generally, the Rumba Mix Sandals are inspired by tropical accents but there’s a pair, which is about bright multi-hues. These casual sandals can be sported for parties, dates, and other such special moments of your life, and can be paired with gorgeous dresses, denims, co-ords sets, and more light and breezy floral and pastel outfits.

2. Twist Flats

These casual sandals for women are perfect for weekends, indoors, and for a casual day. Highlighted by woven leather straps, these sandals are available in different hues. The Twist flats are also named after a dance form and they are double-cushioned, so that you can sport from morning to evening. These handcrafted sandals are meant for your casual days and you can flaunt it with your denims, pyjamas, and other everyday wear.

3. Tango Logo Flats

We all know Tango is a famous dance form and these flats are named after it. With a long-braided strap, easy buckle detailing, and slingback, these casual sandals have a striking silhouette. However, not just the silhouette, the Tango Logo Flats also have soothing hues – mint and brown. So, on the day you want to relax, these sandals are for you. These casual sandals for women would go perfectly well with your denims, dresses, and also daily traditional wear.

4. Mambo Knot Flats

Well, apart from your everyday, if you want a pair that you can wear to light-hearted evening parties with your friends, then Mambo Knot Flats are the one. Named after a popular dance form, these sandals for ladies come with embellished knotted detailing and double-cushioning, which not only makes them a striking pair for parties but comfortable too. These sandals are made from high-quality leather and you can wear them with your dresses and jumpsuits.



Shop Fizzlet’s Sandals Online

You can shop these pairs online on Fizzlet’s page. These sandals are available in different sizes and can make for an ideal gift too. So, go ahead, and add these pairs to your closet or gift it to your friend, daughter, on their birthday.


Summing Up: Why You Should Buy Sandals From Fizzlet?

Sandals from Fizzlet are made from premium leather and here’s why you should buy these casual flat sandals


1.These Sandals Are Unique

With tropical patterns, bright colours, and interesting silhouettes and straps, the Fizzlet sandals can make for a unique addition to your shoe closet.

2.These Sandals Are Ideal For Casual Occasions

If you are looking for sandals for regular days and light-hearted parties and events, these sandals are perfect as they can go with a number of your outfits.

 3.These Sandals Are Comfy

With double-cushioning and easy buckle detailing, these casual sandals for ladies are comfy and can be sported for long hours.




- How Do I Choose Sandals?

You should choose sandals based on comfort and style – something which Fizzlet sandals definitely offer.

- Why type of sandals are good for your feet?

The sandals that are double-cushioned are good for your feet, as you can wear them for long hours.

 -  What makes a sandal comfortable?

Factors like easy buckle detailing, cushioning, etc makes a sandal comfortable.

 - Is it good to walk in sandals?

Yes, it is easier to walk in casual flat sandals

 -  Can you wear sandals with flat feet?

Fizzlet sandals are double-cushioned and yes, you can wear them with flat feet

 -  Why are sandals better than shoes?

Sandals with open-toe allow feet to breath and the sandals are comfier in warm weather. 

Top Casual Sandals for Women - Fizzlet

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