Rather obsessed with hearts, we collaborated with illustrator-writer Blob of Thoughts to make Love Stories, a limited edition line of FG sliders.

Now, now, before you turn away: these aren’t stories of mush or goo. These are everyday love stories that have been drawn, hand-embroidered and put on our Fizzy G shoes. Whether it’s with a warm, almost-burnt pizza, a dip in an enticingly cool pool, your adorable neighbourhood dog always trailing behind or your love for travel, you’ll find something you love in these hearts.  

Look at their journey from paper to shoe!

Love Stories Fizzy Goblet Sliders
         STEP ONE: 
Illustration on Notebook.
Love Stories Fizzy Goblet
         STEP TWO: 
Digital Illustration
Fizzy Goblet Love Stories Blob Of Thoughts
Embroidery on Leather 


Pick your favourite story and tell us why. Here’s where you can get your feet in these: https://www.fizzygoblet.com/collections/best-sellers/products/love-stories-sliders

Bhavika Govil

A freelance writer, based in New Delhi, India.

May 31, 2018 — Aubrey Support