Heart Art? Check Out the Most Colourful Streets in India

Photo Source: Koumudi Chouhan

Been there, seen it all and now wondering where next to take your feet (and Fizzy G's)? We've drawn up a list of the most colourful streets we've found in India, which you can hit up when you're bored, in need of a dose of culture or just an interesting background for your next photoshoot!

Old City, Udaipur

Photo Source: Bhavika Govil 

Udaipur, India’s City of Lakes has some of the bluest waters, most intricate palaces, and stunning sunsets. We found, however, that the real charm lies in the beautiful streets in the Old City. Hire a bike, or walk around the narrow lanes here, and you’ll find that each home is beautifully handprinted with motifs and animals - most commonly elephants. These colourful walls, complex artworks and might we add, great light, make for great Instagram pictures.

BTW : Although they call it a romantic city, going with your sister/ BFF is as much fun, especially for a fun photoshoot. Check out how we spent time in Udaipur here.

Lodhi Art District, New Delhi

Photo Source: Akshat Nauriyal/ St+art India

Central Delhi’s crumbling walls and pale minarets got a gleaming makeover when lots of street artists, illustrators and designers dipped their brushes in paint and painted the town colourful. The Lodhi Art District is a project entirely undertaken by not-for-profit organisation, St+art Foundation.

Whether you simply perch yourself on a cafe in Meherchand market or actively go for a stroll in the district, picture of birds, bright patterns and more in the form of thirty murals will surround you. Whip out your phone and snap, snap!

Fountainhas, Goa

Photo Source: Pinterest

We say 'Goa' and you think 'beaches'? You know there’s so much more to the city than that! Take a cultural twist and visit the Latin Quarter. This area in Old Goa invites more than a first glance. Go here for a walk around the old worldly bars (check out Joseph Bar for great draft beer), crimson doorways and Portuguese architecture and of course, the perfect photoshoot.

Aye, man.

Bandra, Mumbai

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

Bandra, home to fairy lights, beautiful Christmases and cobbled lanes is also one of our favourite places for an unexpected capture.

Whether its Waroda Road and its bright Jude Bakery or Nagrana Lane with popping graffiti, the walls of Chapel Road splashed with Bollywood (courtesy Bollywood Art Project), or the beautifully painted elephants you’ll bump into on Hill Road, you’ll always find beauty just around the corner.

Keep your eyes and Instagram open for the money shot!

The French Quarter, Pondicherry

Photo Source: Sandy

Add a natural Amaro filter to your photographs with the bright yellow walls in Pondicherry’s French Quarter. The ochre hues, french villas and colonial-looking doors are the perfect photo OPs, and the cycle-friendly streets and boutique hotels are just the (pondi)cherry on the cake. :)

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May 30, 2018 — Bhavika Govil