FG Passport: A Pizza Trail in NYC 

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

A well-established rule among the Fizzy G team: wherever you go, look for pizza. As strict followers of the guidebook, we took this seriously on an expedition in New York last summer. Sniffing our way to the nearest cheese-burst pizza, we let our fizzy clad feet find these wonders. Buono appetito.

If you’re looking for…

A #NoRegrets Meal 

Go to: Joe’s Pizza 

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

Is anything as satisfying as a big slice of cheesy pizza doubled up with a fizzy tumbler of coke? This Manhattan pizzeria around the corner makes the perfectly indulgent New York slice pizza and makes no apologies about it. They have a simple menu offering two options: plain cheese pizza or a Sicilian square, but we definitely didn’t need anything more. 

Where You Can Just Go With The Dough

Go to: Roberta’s Pizza

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

The people of New York call it a new age, hipster joint but we are solely concerned about the food. The pizza comes with a lovely base, with fluffy edges that are just the right amount of burned. Go there if you like to go with the dough, and try the Bee Sting pizza with a little honey (yes!) and chilly on it. 

Cheese Heaven 

Go to: Bleecker Street Pizza 

Photo Source: Fizzy Goblet

If you’re visiting West Side, do hop over to Bleecker Street Pizza. They have super fresh ingredients, aren’t skimpy with their olive oil and most importantly, have delicious cheese on each pizza (parmigiano-reggiano). They even have a pizza called the White pie with just ricotta and mozzarella cheese and no sauce. Yum!

Pepperoni Pizza

Go To: Prince St. Pizza

Photo Source: The Food Lab/ Facebook

A fan of the mighty pepperoni pizza? Prince St. Pizza whips up a square version of the pepperoni pizza for you (more to eat, we can’t complain). This four edged-slice is cheesy, pepperoni deep fried and some may even say life-altering. 

BTW : Let us know which Italian city you want us to discover through our version of More Spaghetti, Less Upsetti!

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June 03, 2018 — Bhavika Govil